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From taking photos of wild cheetahs grabbing our camera bags, to having picnics on the banks of one of the biggest rivers in Africa, to visiting Africa’s only mountain desert and experience the highly endangered ‘half man’ (half mens), to taking photos of the film sets where Lara Croft III, Kings and Prophets and Troy have been filmed, to visiting ghost towns in the desert, to waiting on sand sharks to nibble on our toes, to visiting the highest sand dune in the world, to photographing petrified over 900 years old trees in the middle of one of the oldest deserts in the world, to see the wild horses of the Namib that are surviving against all odds and numerous hyena attacks, to travel over snow covered mountain passes, to rescuing wild animals, to visiting ship wrecks on the rugged and dangerous African coastline, to taking photos of the greatest seasonal wonder when the wild flowers start to bloom after good rains on the plains of the desert areas of Africa, to successfully undertake and finish the biggest photography project in Africa, to taking photos in old castles and woods in Europe and the rest of the world, to overlooking the 2nd biggest canyon in the world….this are some of the things I did with my photography students the past 13 years and in the process we captured and experienced the majestic and breathtakingly beauty of this planet's landscapes and its exceptional people and unique animals.

The photographers that will critique your photos, are all established professional photographers who share more than 140 years of experience between them – they have travelled all over the world taking some breathtaking photos and experiencing many amazing cultures, people and animals.

Learn everything you need to know about photography with our help. Become the photographer you always wanted to be.